When taking care of yourself on your own becomes too difficult, it can feel like you’re totally losing your independence. Without support, many senior people are required to leave their own home which is often the place where they feel most comfortable. But moving into a retirement home isn’t the right choice for everyone. For many, it would mean losing a vital connection with family, friends and their communities.

Careline 24 Ltd wants everyone to have access to the type of care that’s most suitable for them. Our Sitting Service provides you or a loved one with support from personal care assistants twenty-four hours a day. Care responsibilities are divided between two primary carers who will be there to support throughout the day and night.

You’ll receive the reassurance that someone will be on hand to help with both routine care provision and any unexpected needs that may arise. You can feel safe in the knowledge that our carefully selected assistants will deliver a high quality and consistent level of support whenever it is needed, helping you to keep living at home.