Being able to shop for food is an important part of staying well and independent as we age. We support older people to be in control of what food they purchase with our grocery delivery and escorted supermarket shopping services

Escorted services

These are suitable for older people who are mobile enough to go out but need some extra assistance with transport to and getting around food stores. These services can be one-to-one schemes whereby Careline 24 Ltd staff assist one client with their shopping, or alternatively, group shopping trips.

As well as helping with shopping, they give older people, particularly those who live alone, the opportunity to get out and interact with others.

Home delivery services

Some older people are housebound and unable to do their own shopping. Careline 24 Ltd works with the older person to create a shopping list and their groceries are then delivered to their home.

Internet shopping services

Careline 24 Ltd offer food shopping services using supermarkets’ online stores. The order is placed on behalf of the older person and delivery is made to the older person’s home by the store at an agreed date and time.

This allows older people to reap the benefits of internet shopping even if they do not themselves have internet access, and ensures a regular food delivery over which they have control.

There may be a small charge for these services to cover costs, such as petrol or delivery charges.