Our Home Care service provides at home assistance from a few hours a week to multiple visits per day.

We can assist you or your loved ones with all aspects of personal care.

We focus on a Person-Centred approach, promoting independence by encouraging and involving individuals in their own care to the best of their abilities.

We can provide services in:

• Body Wash – Full or partial to your requirements

• Bath / Shower – Including hair wash, if required

• Application of creams – After washing or multiple applications per day as prescribed by doctor or district nurse

• Dressing / Undressing

• Personal Grooming

• Oral hygiene care – Including dentures

• Continence Care – Including Catheter care, Stoma care and Incontinence pad changing

• Mobility Assistance – with or without mobility aids


Our specialist mobility and frailty care is founded on an expert approach to care delivery. All our dedicated carers are experienced in how to care for someone living with the challenges reduced mobility presents. Our gentle and compassionate carers encourage you to live as independently as possible recognise the importance of maintaining control and choice in your life, with all the support you need.


As we age, many people begin to notice difficulties with moving around or completing day-to-day tasks. This reduction in mobility can impact many areas of your life and limit your ability to live independently in your own home. Mobility and frailty concerns may be the result of a number of factors such as recovering from surgery, muscle weakness, joint pain or neurological difficulties.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you have ever faced mobility concerns such as unsteadiness while walking or difficulties getting in and out of chairs, you may benefit from mobility help at home. Our dedicated and experienced carers know how to provide just the right level of care and support to help you improve your mobility and continue living as independently as possible.

Your support worker is able to fully support you with your bathing requirements.  They can assist you in getting in and out of the bath or shower safely, as well as washing and drying your hair and body if required.

Should you be able to bathe independently, they are able to sit with you and offer support when needed; giving you peace of mind that someone is there to ensure your safety.


Fastening buttons and zips, and tying shoelaces are simple processes to most, however, for many individuals, such things can become impossible and distressing tasks.

If you need help getting dressed and undressed, you can rely on our support workers to provide assistance to make things easier and more comfortable for you.


We are able to support both your urinary and faecal continence whilst preserving your dignity and comfort.  Your support worker can help you to get to and from the toilet and, where required, will monitor your personal hygiene in order to ensure your health and comfort.  This can include changing catheter and stoma bags, incontinence pads and sheets, and help with bathing and changing clothing.